'A Little Note' Logan fic part 3

A/N sorry for the long wait. Here’s part 3 :D thanks to all the readers XD

Logan’s POV

"Positive Logie! Who else could it be?"

She seemed so sure that Connor, her long-term crush, was her secret admirer. I had this sudden urge to tell her when Kendall looked at me. He was the only one, apart from me, who knew who exactly put the note in (YN)’s locker. But she looked so happy. I hadn’t seen her so happy in so long. But Connor didn’t really like her. He didn’t even know her! He didn’t even know where her locker was when i asked him to put the note in her locker for me. He was all like, “Oh, the hot shy chick? Whats her name again?” Like, duh! He was completely clueless, and so was she. Kendall didn’t understand how she couldn’t see i had a crush on her. For like, years. He finally guessed one day, last year. We were at the beach, and i was staring at her the whole time. Then later, when we were having a campfire and singing songs and stuff, i kept looking at her (apparently) and Kendall asked me why i kept staring at her and blushing. I didn’t say anything. Thankfully (YN), Carlos and James had already been dropped off. “Holy shit! You like her! HAHAHAHAHA” I still don’t see what was so funny. So yeah, i was in love with my best friend. So what? it wasn’t like she liked me back. No, she had to go and fall for an idiot like Connor. That stupid jock.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch. (YN)’s cheeks were still a bit flushed. “Come on, little tomato, we’re gonna be late for music.” I said. Her face turned even more red. James, who was walking with us to our next lesson (music - still can’t believe Connor is also in this class) started laughing loudly, causing the people in front to stare at us weirdly, (YN) looking very red in the face, James laughing loudly, and me just standing there. We got to class and sat at the back of the music room. Soon the class was full and our teacher, Mr Smith, came in. He was seriously fat, and so had a very loud voice. but he knew his shit about singing. Me, James, Carlos and Kendall are in a band. Sometimes (YN) helps us like sings or plays guitar. So music is very important to us. Which is why we were the first to sing our individual pieces we had learnt, to the class. James went up first, being the most confident. Course all the girls end up applauding and ‘fainting’. Then it was me. I had chosen to rap instead, which i knew would piss Mr Smith off, but it made (YN) laugh, so it was worth it. I got a loud applaud after. Then it was (YN)’s turn. She decided to sing ‘Speak Now’ but Taylor Swift (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeYrzpcU72w) and played her guitar too. Course she was singing to Connor. If it wasn’t her, i wouldve been sick. But it was her, and my heart melted the moment she opened her mouth. She had the voice of an angel. An angel, who was was out of my league, and who couldn’t see that her best friend was in love with her

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'A Little Note' Logan fic part 2!! XD :

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Kendall fic ‘Never Getting Back Together’ part 2 XD :

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LOGAN FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe check it out and tell me what u think!!!! <3 XoXo D

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ok so together with ‘Some Things Are Worth Fighting For’, all the other imagines and a couple of stories on fanfiction.net heres a brand new Kendall fic starting!

Enjoy: «« heres the pilot! But i need to know if anyone’s actually interested in reading it, or i wont continue. hope u guys like it :)

XoXo D

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For - Part 8 (Dedicated to Jane 06/07/12)

A/N This part is dedicated to our little Rusher Jane, who sadly passed away on Thursday. God may have gotten another angel, but she was our angel. You’re in a better place now sweetie. Sleep sweet #RIPJane

Your POV

We stayed at the beach till about 9PM, when it started to get dark. We said goodbye to the boys, and started to walk to Johnny’s car. I was so tired from all that had happened today. I curled up in Noah’s arms in the back of the car, his soft sweet voice singing me to sleep.

When i woke up, i was lying in my bed, still in my shorts and sweatshirt. I looked at the clock: 3AM. Shit. I had a warm shower, dressed in my flannel pjs and tried to go back to sleep, which i didn’t. When i finally got up to get dressed for school, i hadn’t slept at all and looked like death. I dressed in black jeans, a purple tank and grey flats. I straightened my hair, and applied a bit of concealer to hide the dark shadows under my eyes.

"morning mum" i said, walking down the stairs. "morning honey, how did you sleep?"

I looked at her with the “are you kidding me” face. She laughed. “Sorry babe, i should’ve not let Noah carry you up to bed, should i?” I shook my head, grabbing ths steaming cup of coffee in her outstretched hand. I grabbed my school bag and went outside to wait for my ride. Soon, Noah turned up in his car. “hey, wheres Johnny and Rachel?”

"theyre taking his car", he said, smiling that smile of his. I knew what he was implying: they wanted us to have some ‘alone time’. I hopped in next to him, taking in his fresh scent, the smell of coffee and the sounds of BTR through his stereo. "so, what did you think of the guys?" i asked, while he started driving."They were so cool! It was like a dream come true, for me at least. Though Logan looked like… i dont know. He didn’t seem like the person he usually is in videos and stuff, you know?" I nodded, using all my mediocre acting skills to make it look like i didn’t really know what he was talking about.

We arrived at school and pulled up into the busy parking lot. I got out, and Noah came by my side and took my hand. We noticed a few looks our way, but most people were looking intently at the sign outside the auditorium.

"It pains our school to announce that the headmaster’s daughter, Jane, died of cancer last thursday. As homage to Jane, and to pay respects to the headmaster and his family, the student council have decided to raise a small fund in Jane’s name for the Make A Wish Foundation. Please leave all donations in the box outside the auditorium. Thank you"

Oh my gosh

Thats for you Jane. The Rusher family misses you, so much. Thanks for being an inspiration <3 XoXo D

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For - Part 7

A/N Just to warn you guys, not gonna be able to post in the next couple days? The beginning of school is always horrible, and since we’re starting Year 10, they’re giving us soo much hw! But i promise i’ll post a lot more after the next few days. Love you guys and thanks to all the amazing Rushers who are reading this!! Tell me what you guys think, and what you think might happen? XoXo D

Noah’s POV

(YN) was hiding something, i could see it on her face. She was like an open book, only this time i really could call her MY open book! I really must thank Johnny someday for introducing us. Man I love her.

Johnny pulled over at the edge of the beach. I opened my door and opened it out for my girlfriend (i’ll never get tired of saying that) like a true gentleman should. I saw her blush, looking down at the ground. I grabbed hers and my bags, walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, leaning my forehead against hers, looking into her beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes. She just kept blushing and blushing. Johnny started silently laughing behind us, then Rachel punched him on the arm and dragge him away to get a good spot, and to leave us. I slowly leaned in, so close to her rosy lips. I looked back to her eyes, then to her lips again, waiting for a sign that it was ok. She smiled, and my stomach did a back flip. I was so close. Just as i was maybe a centimeter away from kissing her, i heard a car horn behind us, tearing my eyes (and face) away from (YN), pissed that someone ruined this moment. But when i saw who it was, i completely forgot about everything and turned into a human fish, mouth opening and closing rapidly. Logan, Logan Henderson, walked out of his car and walked over to us. I didn’t notice the frown on his face, nor on the other guys’ faces. All i noticed was, “Big Time Rush. Oh my god, its Big Time Rush” I whispered. (YN) chuckled next to me, walking over to the guys like it was nothing, hugging them all. I noticed Logan giving me some kind of look, thinking that i looked like a complete idiot just standing there speechless. I regained my humanity, walked over to (YN) and the guys, and said in a voice unlike my own, “Hi, I’m Noah.” (YN) grabbed my hand, looking at me to try and calm me down, which worked. She had that effect on me. i turned back to the guys, feeling more confident and held out my hand, shaking theirs. “I’m a huge fan” I said as Logan shook my hand last, holding my hand tighter than i would have liked. Thankfully, Rachel and Johnny turned up, acting the same way i did. Carlos remembered Rachel from the concert, hugged her and started up a conversation with her. Johnny immdeiately hit it off with Kendall, talking about guitars and stuff. Im guessing (YN) told Logan and the guys about our band. Logan turned to me and said, “So, is it true? You and my best friend are dating?”

I vaguely saw Kendall turn at that remark, but all i could think about was the weird feeling i had that Logan didn’t really like me. “Yes, thats true. I’m the luckiest guy who ever walked the earth” I said smiling, hugging (YN) to my side.

Your POV
I blushed at what Noah had said. He really was so sweet! Logan smirked, and nodded his head. “Yeah, any guy who gets to keep her is lucky, all right.” I gave Logan my death stare, knowing that he was pissed at Noah. The looks, the innuendos, the fact he had tried to kiss me… Logan, my best friend, was in love with me. And the truth was? I might love him too. But i’m also in love with Noah.

As we went to put our things down on the sand and get into the water, Rachel came up behind me. “Is it me, or does Logan not like Noah?”

"yeah, he doesn’t"

"mind telling me why?"

I turned around, making sure we were alone. James and Carlos were playing beach tennis, Kendall was still talking to Johnny, Noah was swimming far away from us and Logan was sitting down on the sand. So i felt perfectly safe saying, “I think Logan doesn’t like Noah cause he’s dating me.”

"What? he doesnt approve or something?"

"No. Think about it, why would he not like Noah for dating me?"

Rachel’s brain clicked, her eyes going wide. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm, jumping up and down in the water. “OH MY GOSH THATS SO CUTE!”

I steadied her, clamping my hand over her mouth. “Will you shut up??!” I hissed at her. “It is NOT cute at all! MY best friend is in love with me and hates my boyfriend who I’M in love with! This is the total opposite of cute!”

Rachel stopped struggling. Whoops. “You love Noah?” I nodded my head, knowing that she would find out anyway. But at least, unlike my other crazy best friend, she would not mock me. This was a girl who slept with a picture of George Clooney under her pillow. “Wow…” she whispered. I let go of her completely, saying before i didved into the water, “I know.”

Ok, this was a little shorter than i wanted. And again really crap. But i just had to make Logan a little jealous in this one, i couldn’t help it! Wait till you read what happens next ;) thanks for reading!

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For - Part 6

Your POV

I woke up the next morning to the sound of my phone ringing on my bedside table. I looked at the time and it said 07:30 am. Too early…

"Hello?" I said groggily. On weekends, i never got up before 10:30, at least.

"Hey to you to!" Noah! a huge smile escaped on my face. If he had superpowers it would be to be able to cheer me up whatever the situation

"Hey! You know me, its too early! Whatsup?"

"Well, i was thinking if you wanted to go out later today? Maybe to dinner?"

I told him that i would love too, but that i was spending the morning with Logan and then the afternoon with Big Time Rush and Rachel, Johnny and him if he wanted.

"Are you kidding me?! Ever since I found out that Logan your old best friend was my idol Logan Henderson I have been dying to meet him! Yes yes yes yes! WE can go out after if you like"

"Sure I would love to! Haha you sound so cute when you’re excited"

"Wanna know something?"


"I think you’re cuter."

I blushed, and was suddenly glad we were just speaking over the phone. Noah said he’d see me later and said bye. I put down the phone, jumped out of my bed and ran around my room! My first date with Noah! And he was gonna finally meet Logan! I really hoped them two would get along. I had a shower and after i texted Logan where he wanted to go. “How about we go to the park, then meet everyone at the beach?” Sounds good i said. I dressed in skinny blue jeans, a black tank top and red Vans. I went downstairs, made breakfast and watched TV till Logan rang the bell. Stupid Sarah beat me to the door, and when she saw Logan, started twirling her hair and fluttering her eyes. I seriously thought my breakfast would make a reappearance on the Persian rug. “Oh, hey (YN)!” Thank god Logan also didn’t like Sarah flirting with him that much. I grabbed my phone and purse and ran out of the house, dragging Logan away before Sarah kidnapped him and took him to her cave to eat him.

We got to the park, and ran to the swings like we would do when we were kids back in Texas. When things were normal. Logan looked at me and guessed that what i was thinking. “It’s just like when we were kids isn’t it?”

"Not really. Everything’s changed"

Logan came and stood behind me, gently pushing the swing i was sitting on. I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly, like my shrink used to say whenever i needed to calm down. “So, uh, how did you and Noah meet?”

i opened my eyes, startled at Logan’s question. “Um, well, he was friends with Johnny, and so on my first day of school, since my mum already knew Johnny’s we were already kind of friends, he introduced us. Then Rachel joined our group and we’ve just been a foursome ever since. Why?”

"Just wondering. You never mentioned him that much. What about your band? How did that happen?"

"Well, after the accident, I couldn’t do sports anymore, especially soccer and gym, so my physio and my shrink both said to try some other hobbies. I tried drawing, writing but they didn’t quite stick. So one day, i picked up my dad’s old guitar, plucked a few strings, and i dont know, it just came to me. I started writing songs soon after. Johnny taught me how to play the guitar a bit better, and we found out Noah could play the drums. Rachel became our manager. And that was it. That was how Triple Threat was formed I guess."

Logan smirked at me. “Triple Threat? Seriously? Such a cliche, dont you think?”

"Shut up Logie" I said, playfully punching him. He looked at me with a very serious face and said, "You’re gonna pay for that (YN)". I started running through the field across the playground. I had forgotten what a thrill running was. I felt Logan catching up to me, and tried to run faster, but failed. Logan eventually reached me, grabbed me by the waist and spun me around. "Logie!" I screamed. "Put me down!"

"Only when you apologise for hitting me. And its King Logie to you!"

"I’ll never apologise!"

Logan put me back on the ground, his hands tight around my wrists, binding them behind my back. His face was just inches from mine. “Apologise” he whispered. “No” i said grinning. “(YN)…..” Logan started leaning even closer to my face. I stared at him, bewildered, wondering what on god’s holy earth he was thinking. Thankfully, my phone started ringing. Johnny. I managed to free my hands, rubbing my wrists where Logan had been holding on with an iron grip and answred the phone. Logan turned, his back toward me, pretending to be very interested in a group of little kids playing in the sand.

"Hey Johnny, whatsup?"

"We’re meeting at the beach in half an hour, remember!"

I looked at the time. We’d been at the park for 5 hours! How had time gone so fast? “Ok, ok, calm down! Let me go home and change. Come pick me up in 15 ok?”

I hung up, turned to Logan and said that we had to go back and get ready for the beach. “Oh yeah, hey I’ll walk you home”

"Nah it’s ok Logan, besides you have to get ready too you know"

"Oh, ok. I’ll see you at the beach later then?"

"Sure" I hugged him bye and walked home. I changed into my black and white polka dot bikini, throwing on a sweatshirt , frayed denim shorts and white flipflops. "(YN)! Your friend are here!" My mum shouted from downstairs. I threw a towel and my phone into a bag and went to meet Johnny, Noah and Rachel outside. They were all beside themselves, knowing they were going to meet their idols! I was sitting next to Noah in the back, his arm around my shoulders, playing with my hair. I kept on looking at him, finding him staring at me. I blushed again, and leant my head on his shoulder. He kissed my head and entwined his free hand with mine. "What are you thinking about?" he whispered in my ear. What was i thinking about? I was thinking about the guys’ reactions when i told them about Noah and me. And suddenly everything fell into place, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

Hope u guys liked this part! It ended up being sort of crappy and kind of filler-y, but idc. The next part will be up soon! XoXo D

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For - Part 5

A/N Ok!! Part 5….. i actually had a dream about this story, so i have tons of greeat ideas on whats gonna happen :D But i can’t tell you, you’re just gonna have to read on to find out :P  hope u like it!

Kendall’s POV

(YN) Was in the kitchen, getting the food ready. Her family wasn’t back yet. I walked over to the mantlepiece and looked at the photos. Out of maybe hundreds that were there, there was only one of her, with her mum, on the beach maybe when she was five? They looked like they were having the time of their lives. I looked between all the pictures, and realised that her two siblings didn’t look like her at all, or her mum either. I asked Logan about this.

"Oh, yeah. About a month after I left Texas and (YN) four years ago, she and her dad got into an accident. He didn’t make it. Her mum remarried and moved her out here with her step-family. But don’t mention it in front of her, she doesn’t like to talk about it, she misses her dad a lot, and the accident damaged her pretty bad"

Damn, this girl seriously couldn’t catch a break. Losing her best friend, her dad, her home…. It was becoming increasingly hard to hate this girl. I still didn’t quite understand why I hated her exactly, but whatever it was, couldn’t compete with this. I walked into the kitchen, and saw her try to balance about 5 different plates on one hand. “Here, let me help.” She looked at me in surprise, maybe I hadn’t been as subtle as i thought i had been in my dislike towards her. “Great, thanks”

She smiled at me. My heart thudded, pounding against my chest. I smiled back, hoping that she couldn’t hear my heart beat. After she left, I took a deep breath, tried to calm myself down a bit. It didn’t work, or at least it did till i went into the dining room and saw her again. Now I know why Carlos and James were silently fighting over her

Johnny’s POV

(YN) had texted me the moment the rest of her family had got back to her house, telling me all about seeing Logan and his friends. The last text had been “Can you keep a secret?” I texted her back saying, “Well duh! Im your best friend, bitch, it’s in my job description!”

What she told me next made me go light-headed. Logan and his friends Carlos James and Kendall, were THE Logan, Carlos, James and Kendall of BIG TIME RUSH! She also told me how Kendall didn’t really like her that much, that Carlos remembered her and Rachel from the concert, that James kept flirting heavily with her and that she had missed Logan a lot.

"Have you told Noah? He’s gonna be so exstatic that your old best friend is Logan Henderson! He’s like his idol!"

"No, I haven’t. I’m gonna keep it a surprise, then invite everyone out tomorrow and surprise Noah and Rachel!"

That slippery fox. “Great idea! Now go back into the dining room and TALK TO BIG TIME RUSH”

"Jealous much Johnny? ;)"

"You have no idea, you lucky thing!"

Your POV

I could see Sarah trying to flirt with James, who was sitting next to her, but he just kept answering her with one word answers, then looking at me and licking his lips. My face was a permanent crimson shade. Logan was sitting next to me, trying to squeeze every detail of the parts of my life that he had missed. “Wait,” he said. “You’re in a band? Cool! Anyone I know?”

"It’s just me, my friend Johnny, and um Noah"

"I know Johnny, but who’s Noah?"

"He’s mine and Johnny’s friend, he lives a couple of streets away. And, he’s also, my boyfriend"

I swear all 4 guys had different reactions. Kendall started turning purple, Carlos started choking, James’ eyes were bulging out of their sockets, and Logan turned white and started wiping his hands on his jeans. “Oh really?” he said, his voice breaking on the last word. “How long have you two been dating?”

"Just a couple of days actually. Now that i think about it, the night of your concert, really."

Logan didn’t have that much to say after that. He and  my mum were catching up, James started talking more to Sarah and Kendall, Carlos and Sam were talking about something. You could cut the tension with a butter knife.

Another hour later, and Logan said it was getting late, and he had to go check on his family. Everyone said bye to the guys, and I walked them to their car. As i hugged Logan goodbye, I asked him if he wanted to meet up the next day. “Uh, sure! Who else would be there?” I thought about it for a minute, and then said, “Well, what we could do is hang for a bit, just us two, then the rest of the guys and my friends could meet us, say in the park?” Sounds good he said. I gave him my number and told him to call me tomorrow morning. I waved at the car as they drove off into the sunset. I had a small feeling that something wasn’t gonna go right. But then again, nothing in my life ever goes exactly right.

how u liking the story so far? I’m not quite sure as to which guy the story is based on yet, but all shall be revealed :)

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For - Part 4

A/N Ah sorry for the long wait, i just got back from holiday this morning and then i literally ran to the bookstore to buy The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore (which came out a few days ago) anyway hoping to update a lot more in the next couple days but then theres school :/ boo! Back to the topic at hand, i hope u like this one, a little bit of drama but mainly filler <3 

Your POV
I woke up the next morning feeling really happy, giddy almost. After Noah had left, I ran into the house, up the two flights of stairs to the attic, my floor of our huge house. I ran into the recording booth my mum had installed for me to record with my band, closed the door and screamed till my voice was hoarse! I giggled to myself, knowing that I finally was with Noah.
I opened the curtains and stepped out onto the balcony. And then it hit me. Today was Saturday. Logan was coming to visit this weekend!!!!! I skipped down to the kitchen, glad to find it empty, and found a note for me on the fridge.
"(YN), we have gone to Sarah's cheerleading championship, will be home a bit late, so get the house ready for Logan and his family. Oh and his friends! Love you, Mum xx"
He was bringing his friends? We haven't seen each other in four years, and the only time we see each other, he's bringing his friends??
I heard the door bell ring, glad something had interrupted the string of words going through my head about my old best friend. I opened the door and found my current best friend, Johnny standing on the porch, a wicked grin on his baby-face. Noah told him then. "You bitch! You and Noah finally get it on, and you don't even call me!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was any of your business"
"Hey, come on! I'm your best friend! Plus..... Josh broke up with me last week, so any romance is now my business"
Crap. I'd forgotten Johnny's (first) boyfriend had dumped him. Poor Johnny. Poor Josh, that guy was spouting blood like a fountain after me and Noah had jumped him after school. Johnny didn't like it, but only cause we couldve gotten caught and suspended.
"Oh yeah, sorry babe. Come on in, I'll tell you all about it. Pancakes?"
Johnny nodded, eagerly jumping onto the couch and awaiting the gossip of me and Noah.

Logan's POV
I shouted to James to hurry up in the bathroom. Me, the rest of the guys and my family were waiting to go to (YN)'s. I was so excited! And I really wanted her to meet the rest of BTR, my friends, my brothers. If they were friends, then that would be the best thing ever! I looked down at my phone, noticing the time. "JAMES!" He stepped out into the hall, his hair perfectly styled. "what?" he said, mischievously. I shook my head, stuck my Tongue out and opened the door.
 Me and the guys piled into my car, whilst my family got into my dad's car.
It took 3 hours to get to (YN)'s house. i was super nervous! my palms were sweaty, i kept fidgeting and i started playing with my hair, and it was only then did Carlos say, "Hey Logie, you ok?"
"Yeah, it's just.... its been 4 years! What if things are different?"
"Do you want them to be?" asked James. I thought about that. Did I? Did I want things to be different? I thought and thought and I finally managed to squeak, "I don't know, maybe"
I looked out the window, afraid the guys might see the red tint creeping along my cheeks. Of course I wanted things to be different! But how? I didn't know

Your POV
Logan and his friends were expected any minute, and mum, Barney, Sam, Sarah wre still not back yet! Logan's mum had called about 20 minutes ago saying that their car broke down on the highway and that there was no way they could make it, so it would be just Logan and his friends. Great, just what i wanted(!)
I curled up on the couch, and turned on the TV, flicking onto the movie channels. I watched the beginning of The Dark Knight, starring mine and Logan's favourite superhero ever Batman! But just thinking about Logan made me sick to my stomach. I wasn't ready for this!
I went back up to my room to check on my hair and makeup. I was wearing black skinny jeans, a red lace tank top and purple flats. I had straightened my hair and applied a light coat of mascara and lipgloss.
Suddenly the doorbell interrupted my thoughts. Logan!!! I jumped down the stairs, skidded to a halt in front of the door, and flung it open. He turned around, and he had the hugest smile on his cute face!
"(YN)! Wow it's so good to see you!"
I jumped into his arms, which circled around my waist. He picked me up and spun me around, causing me to laugh. How I'd missed the goofball
"Hey (YN)" he said, putting me down and letting me go, "I want you to meet my friends. This is-"
"Hey its you! From the concert! You're Rachel's friend , right?"
I noticed the short, tan guy who was talking to me. Holy crap! It was... Carlos! That was it! He had chosen Rachel to be his WWG, at his concert.... Big Time Rush's concert
"Wait, Logan, you're in Big Time Rush?"
"Yeah, we all are"
The cute blond, Kendall I think, stood on Logan's left hand side, next to the hot guy, who's name i think was James?
"Um... wow! Thats so cool! Logan, why didn't you tell me?"
You saw him shift his weight from one foor to the other, trying how to decide the best way to word his excuse
"Um, I guess I didn't think you would believe me! And I didn't want to mix up my personal life with my professional one"
I nodded. "Well, you could've just told me you know? You're famous Logie!"
I saw Kendall flinch at my nickname for Logan. I wonder what that was about.
"So, anyway, I'm James" James winked at me, and pulled me in for a bear hug. Wow, his arms... just WOW. Then Carlos gave me a hug too, and a kiss on the cheek. I saw Kendall hesitate, then gave me an awkward hug. Hmm

James' POV
Ok, I know she's Logan's best friend and all, but he NEVER said that she was hot! I think I started salivating when i forst saw her. The things I'd do to her....
Logan coughed, probably guessing what I was thinking. Who cares?
(YN) invited us in, asked us if we wanted to drink something and then went into the kitchen. As soon as she was out of earshot i said to the guys, "I call dibs!"
"What?! No way, thats not fair!" Carlos whined. "Guys!" Logan shouted, stopping us before we got into a fight. "Listen, no one is calling dibs, ok? She is my friend, ok? My best friend, my oldest friend! No one is to touch her, got that?"
Me and Carlos reluctantly nodded. I noticed Kendall was sitting quietly on the couch. Maybe he was pissed too at not getting forst dibs. To hell with Logan. Maybe I couldn't touch her, but I couldn't guarantee she wouldn't touch me now, could i?

Part 4, finito! Sorry the font is weird,I originally typed this on my phone. Made James a little bit sassy in this part (I love it when he is!) Wonder whats gonna happen with James and Carlos?
And whats up with Kendall? More tomorrow XoXo D
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